Sanitex Sanitex by M. Barzaghi, has been operating in the dental industry since 1985, as a manufacturer of synthetic sanitary materials, producing disposable bibs and napkins which are distributed to dental centres in Italy and abroad.

Our production takes place exclusively in Italy with quality control both in processing and in the raw material used.

Since 1986, Sanitex has expanded its business to retail trade of tools and equipment for dentists/dental labs from our store in Biassono (MB),
Via Locatelli 109, with trained staff available to meet customers' needs.

Upon completing its business in 1994, the company received a licence to supply dental, medical, galenic, pharmaceutical and surgical items.
Its expertise and experience gained in the healthcare sector has enabled the company to expand its production to include a disposable synthetic fabric suitable for manufacturing sterilised materials to be placed in kits.


FAX:  Fax. 039 2494832

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Адрес:  109, Via Locatelli - 20853 Biassono (MB)

Телефон:  Tel. 039 490084

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