S.L.P. Established in 1993, SLP Ltd. has become a leading developer of physiological sensors for diagnosing sleep disorders. The company’s products are distributed all over the world and in use by physicians from different disciplines.

SLP’s sensors are primarily used in sleep labs, but also have applications in EEG and dentistry. SLP’s experienced team has a deep understanding of sleep disorders; the Company products offer the highest performance while addressing evolving technological requirements.

The Smart Sensors™ New Technology
Based on their highly successful sleep lab sensors, SLP has developed a new line of low-cost, home-use, smart diagnostic and screening devices that provide reliable real-time clinical data. These products supply significant information about the existence and severity of various sleep disorders, reducing the need for testing in sleep labs. The simple, at-home devices enable any physician to test for and treat the more prevalent sleep disorders, improving patient well-being and significantly lowering the cost of later-stage testing and care.

The patented, disposable products currently entering the market are:

SleepStrip – detects sleep apnea (interrupted breathing during sleep)
BiteStrip – detects sleep bruxism (unconscious tooth grinding or clenching)
KickStrip – detects periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD)
SLP has twice been the gold winner of Cannon Communications’ prestigious Medical Design Award.

EMAIL:  info@slp-med.com

FAX:  +972-3-5371282

URL компании:  www.slp-med.com

Адрес:  18 Hazfira Tel-Aviv 67779, Israel

Телефон:  +972-3-5371281

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