Hygitech HYGITECH is a french manufacturer of products dedicated to implantology.

Our mission

Our mission is to help implantologists successfully fight cross contamination by providing them with functional solutions for their practice.

As a manufacturer

As a manufacturer we guarantee that all our products meet the highest European standards expected by today’s dental implantologists.

Innovation is the key to improving our product range. We are committed to meeting the needs of implantologists by creating constantly new products, by working closely with research institutes and suppliers to use innovative technologies and new materials.

We act globally

HYGITECH is currently distributed by specialised dealers located in more than 40 countries around the world.

EMAIL:  export@hygitech.fr

FAX:  +33 1 48 01 32 80

URL компании:  http://www.hygitech.com/

Адрес:  25 rue Bleue 75009 Paris, France

Телефон:  +33 1 48 01 32 89

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Товары производителя

Ирригационные стерильные трубки Hygitech HY-110001

2 561 грн

Ирригационная система HY-110001 (в упаковке 10 шт.) Производитель: Hygitech (Франция)

Хирургическая канюля Hygisurge

51 грн

Хирургическая канюля Hygisurge з диаметром насадки 4мм, длина 25 см Производитель: Hygitech (Франция)


Гипоалергенный безлатексный платок с рамкой "Hygenic Framed Flexi Dam non latex"

1 639 грн

Гипоалергенный платок с рамкой "Hygenic Framed Flexi Dam non latex". Для быстрой и удобной изоляции полости рта.