Dialom For more than four decades, Dialom has been in the business of manufacturing the highest quality diamond dental burs, selling to more than 40 countries worldwide. Dialom diamond instruments are manufactured from pre-selected diamond grit in a variety of special shapes and sizes.

With Dialom diamond burs, the nickel-plated galvanic metal layer is bonded inseparably to the stainless steel shaft, guaranteeing optimal grinding performance and long-life operation.
A special alloy is added to ensure that the diamond does not separate from the shaft, so that the bur can be used until the diamond wears out.

Each individual Dialom bur is 360º microscopically inspected.

Dialom’s QA procedures include a strict Go/No Go test on each and every diamond bur to ensure diamond diameter precision.

The bonding of the stainless steel shank to the galvanized nickel plating and diamond is tested by a hammer impact to the finished bur to ensure its integrity and durability. This rigorous testing is conducted via a random sample testing of each diamond bur production batch.

Dialom’s stringent quality control methodology complies with ISO 9002 and conforms to the European Medical Devices Directive 923/42/EEC (CE Mark).

EMAIL:  dialom@zahav.net.il

FAX:  +972-3-5622043

URL компании:  www.dialom.com

Адрес:  P.O.B 3082, Ramat Gan, Israel

Телефон:  +972-3-5617173

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