Dentalfarm Through the transition from craft to industrial production, according to the most classical history of the Italian manufacturing tradition, the Dentalfarm product range has been changing and evolving along with the three generations that brought the Dentalfarm brand in thousands of dental laboratories all over the world. The research and the development of advanced technical solutions have always been a distinctive feature of the Dentalfarm offer and, to name one of the most representative, have lead to the realization of the widest range of blasting centres and microsandblasters on the market, strengthened by the introduction of patented solutions like the W.A.FI.S and the D.O.S. 

The W.A.FI.S (Water Air Filtering System), thanks to a basic physical principle combined with atomized water, assures dust extraction and the elimination of up to 99.8% of the very fine particles produced during the blasting procedure, whereas the D.O.S. (Dry Oxide System) allows to eliminate the moisture absorbed by the microblasting grains by means of an low voltage resistance that heats up the abrasive in the microblasting tanks. This action improves the flowability and the pickling capacity of the abrasive and drastically reduces the risks of clogging of nozzles. These unique products are completed by a comprehensive range of abrasive media which have been expressly devoloped to satisfy any blasting requirement. 
Besides the blasting centres and the microsandblaster, the Dentalfarm catalogue offers the vibrators (the first product developed by the company), and a complete range of surveyors and iso milling units, the sturdy and reliable model trimmers, the three light-curing furnaces line with an unbeatable quality vs price ratio, the motorized centrifuge casting machine that made history and still keeps unchanged its unique features in the market. The line has been implemented by three electronic induction casting machines under medium frequency. You find also the vacuum mixers, perfectly integrated with the vibrators, the burnout furnaces and two porcelain furnaces, for traditional firing technique and CAD-CAM lithium disilicate crystalization and for pressing technique and the new steam generator. Our comprehensive and well-articulated offer also includes all the equipments used to assist the daily work of a dental technician such as the micromotors, the bunsen burners, the hot wax spatulas, the hydraulic press, the polishing unit, the pinhole drilling unit, the stump separating unit and an excellent range of bench led lamps with magnifier.
Dentalfarm has been acting as a well-established player throughout the global dental industry for about 40 years, focusing its core business on the manufacture and distribution of equipment, accessories and consumables for the Dental Laboratory.
Actively pursuing a steady growth, Dentalfarm has been able to combine both creativity and efficiency, innovation and tradition, striving to fulfil the highest expectations of its professional partners.
Dentalfarm offer is mainly focused on equipment and consumables for the Dental Lab and it has been recently implemented by the addition of units and products for the Dental Clinic.


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